Are you enjoying your island hopping yet? This week we welcome you to the “True Caribbean,” TRINIDAD and TOBAGO!



Known as the “Culture Capital” of the Caribbean, Trinidadian and Tobagonian culture is influenced by the native Carib and Arawak peoples, as well as a unique blend of 5 different cultures: African, Indian, European, Middle Eastern and Chinese!
Get ready to “lime,” or hang out, with the beautiful people of Trinidad and Tobago and experience their gorgeous biodiversity, rich cultural festivals of Carnival, lively and colorful music and mouthwatering food!



                                    Carnival                                                                       Main Ridge Forest Reserve

Steel Pan Band








       Buccoo Reef


Enjoy a sneak peek of Trinidad and Tobago! After watching the video, comment below on what you’re looking forward learning more about.




Don’t forget to enjoy today’s read aloud:


When Gregory wakes up on his first day in Tobago with his grandparents, his heart sinks. The food is strange, the sun too hot, his cousin Lennox is on another wavelength, and there are none of the televisions, video games and other high-tech gadgets that a cool city-boy takes for granted.

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